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April 18th, 2018    

Episode 4: Issue 3 Miniseries


Gen 13 #3 Mini

Today on The Gen 13 Files, I'll be discussing Issue 3 of the Miniseries by Jim Lee, J.Scott Campbell and Alex Garner.

The Gen 13 Files Episode 4

Gen 13 Miniseries Issue 3

Writers – Jim Lee, Brandon Choi, and J. Scott Campbell

Art by J. Scott Campbell

Colors by Joe Chiodo

Today on the Gen 13 Files Its been awhile since I’ve been here. I’m back and I’ll present Issue 3 of the Miniseries. I hope you can enjoy it!

So we pick up where we left off with Caitlin coming back to Death Valley, to the facility where Roxy, Grunge, Burnout, and Rainmaker. As Caitlin watches over the ridge, she sees a large truck with a giant crate on the back. Caitlin feels like it is the perfect distraction so she can get inside the facility.

Meanwhile, Ivana gets woken up by her butler and finds that someone has parked the Crate on her doorstep of the Genesis project.

As the Black Razor Soldiers taze the beast they have inside the crate, Ivana screams down the hallway with her personal guards that “No one is allowed access to this facility without my permission.”

Then she rounds another corner and sees what the soldiers are actually doing. Who gave you permission to do that? She asks wildly. “Stop it!” A door cracks open from the truck.

Ivana stares in surprise as she sees John Lynch get out of the truck. He stopped in for a short visit. Ivana knows he has gotta be there for a reason.

John Lynch has an SPB (Super Powered Being) in custody and I.O. was the closest facility in the area. You hear a low growl coming from the cage. Next, we see Caitlin arming herself with another giant gun and she wants some payback knowing how much they have already hurt every friend she has right now. She is really tired of these government types playing havoc with her life so she sneaks onto the base.  She hears Keeper Chavez over his com. She holds a gun at the back of his head but then is held up herself by someone else. Caitlin quickly kicks the guard behind her then knocks out the guard in front of her. (Sound effect)

Caitlin is extremely surprised how easily she took out the guards. She makes sure the guards are just unconscious then moves on, disguising herself as a Black Razor Guard.

Next scene John Lynch is looking on at Ivana’s pet project for the Gen 13 group. Ivana reassures Lynch that Threshold knows what he’s doing and he really wants to spark Grunge into becoming Gen-Active. All the team are in a sort of torture room and naked, with Grunge hanging upside down.

Threshold stares at Grunge and says “I’m really disappointed in you Grunge, I thought you were going to be Gen-Active and still you haven’t.”

Threshold tortures Grunge more and electrifies Grunges harness and Grunge howls in pain.

Elsewhere, A boy named Timmy is being kept by I.O. because they detected an anomaly in the boy thinking it was Gen-Active powers. So he is being held hostage in the facility. Caitlin finds him, while still disguised as a soldier. At first, Timmy is afraid, but then Caitlin takes off the helmet and explains that she can try to take him to his family.

Meanwhile, the creature known as Pitt is being tormented by Bliss who keeps teasing him with her keys to his cage. Pitt keeps growling and howling at Bliss, and she keeps laughing and smiling maliciously as he tries to keep at it. A voice inside Pitt’s head tells him that the boy is close.

Bliss gets distracted by Threshold, who for some reason is in a Chip and Dale outfit, while Bliss is in fishnets all over her body. They discuss Pitt and while doing so, Caitlin and Timmy are looking on, Caitlin whispers to Timmy that she doesn’t think they saw them and hurries across the hallway hoping to not be spotted.  Bliss is enraged and yells at Threshold knowing that he underestimated her resolve to rescue her friends.

She then blasts Caitlin and Timmy with a psychic blast, ripping off the disguise. Sound effect. Timmy calls out mentally to Pitt, who responds in haste to save the boy.  He rips the chains and talks to the voice in his head, punching his way through the wall – sound effect – metal breaking.  A shocked Threshold and Bliss look on, wondering how he broke out.

Pitt grunts out “Where is the boy? What have you done with him?” Caitlin is just trying to struggle to get up because her head hurts so bad. Bliss calls out to her soldiers to shoot the giant creature known as Pitt.

We can recall thoughts of the Incredible Hulk when Pitt says “Don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m Angry!” Bliss tries to lighten the mood by talking about the keys she played with him, then realizes she is in real danger, she laughs nervously then runs past the blast doors.

The voice inside Pitt’s Head tells Pitt, he found the boy, Timmy and he is okay. Pitt becomes a big softy, but Caitlin mistakes it for him going after Timmy. She charges Pitt and knocks him into a wall.  The voice (Chakran)  says there is something wrong, but Pitt ignores it and punches Caitlin in the jaw with a Thwack!!!

He picks her up and doesn’t think it right that the females of this world should be so strong, (Chakran) says there is something different about her genetic structure. Pitt is still really mad and then makes an off the cuff remark about Caitlin being a weaker sex. Caitlin glares at him and then kicks him where it counts. (Eeep) sound effect. She lifts him over her head and throws him down! At that point, Pitt’s claws come out and he’s ready for more.

Meanwhile, Threshold is back with the other Gen gang. Threshold intensifies his attack on Grunge and electrifies him more. Roxy feels like Threshold is killing Grunge and is crying intensely. “Stop, Leave him alone or so help me, I’ll kill you myself!” Threshold gives her a fained scared look and then has her by the neck with his power.

Suddenly Grunges Arms glow with the metallic bands of the metal holding him, his whole arm is the same material as the metal. He punches Threshold out and Roxy Drops suddenly. The two have an intimate moment, now reminded that they are naked. The group get their clothes back and wander out of the lab while alarms are blaring in the background.

Ivana is watching the whole situation and wants it stopped.  She knows about Pitt but doesn’t know that Caitlin is involved at all and thinks Pitt is coming up their direction. Suddenly Pitt and Caitlin fall through a floor and land in front of Ivana and Lynch. Lynch doesn’t quite understand what is going on either so he tells his soldiers to lock and load. Ivana wants Caitlin and Pitt dead.  All the guns point at Caitlin and Pitt, she says “ I guess I was wrong, we’re both in the same boat. Chakran finally gets through to Pitt and tells him that the female is on his side. The last panel on the page has Lynch looking determined and says “Ready! Fire on my mark!”

End Chapter 3

Close Door Sound

It’s definitely been awhile since I’ve done an episode and I do apologize. Before talking about my favorite panels and pages, let’s hear from another one of my friends.

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Let’s look at a few of the panels and pages that I liked.

First, let's look at page three. There are four panels at the top of the page that illustrates the sheer action of a scene just by showing Ivana calling out for the person in the truck to reveal who is giving the orders. The door opens with a Klack! And a foot stomps down, then Ivana is totally stunned that its John Lynch. Really a great set of panels there.

The next panel I really like is kind of an odd frame but its page 11 where it shows Bliss doing her Psychic blast on Caitlin and it shows not only the effect on Caitlin but also on Timmy, then the bottom panel on that page also illustrates the great connection that Timmy has with the monster Pitt. I really like that one.

Then the last panel I want to talk about is on page 19 where Threshold is trying to make Grunge manifest his powers by further electrifying him, the middle panel where Grunge is screaming, the panel is done all in blue and electric tones. Grunges face is all distorted and it’s a great action panel.

So moving onto Pages as full spreads? My first one is page four, we once again get our hero shot of Caitlin holding the really large gun, even though she never uses it. It really shows J. Scott Campbell’s ability to draw the female form and his love for Scooby Doo bringing in a team characteristic. It also reminds me of the action shots of 80’s movies with Rambo and the like.

The next page I really appreciate is page 12 and 13 where Pit comes through the wall shocking Bliss and Threshold as well as seeing Caitlin sprawled on the floor of the hallway. There is a lot going on in this picture and it helps to have such a large monster as Pitt hogging the scene.

So lastly the last panel I want to look at is the sheer detail of page 17. There is some comedy in the scene, epic action and then a lift. J. Scott Campbell does a phenomenal job with the details of Pitt’s chains and how Caitlin is lifting him up. I just love that whole page.

Well, that is it for this episode. Check me out on Social Media for Twitter @TheGen13Files. For email, you can email me at my new email of Check out the podcast on iTunes and podbean. And I don’t really have a website for the page, but just the podbean site. That is I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode!


This was an amazing Commission I had done by Megan Levens who has done work on Madame Frankenstein, Angel City, Back to the Future, and more! She did this at Planet Comic Con in February. This was truly awesome! I just wanted to share!

I always appreciate the feedback from friends like Darrin and Ruth Sutherland of Trekker Talk, Warlord Worlds, and Xenozoic Xenophiles. Then also I appreciate the promos from Chris and Gerry of Bat Books for Beginners. Oh and I love the likes I get from other podcast and followers such as Charlton Hero; The Fire and Water Podcast Network; Aly Batts; Rolled Spine Podcast; Collected Edition; Comics in the Golden Age; Coffee and Comics; Reggie Reggie; Heather is a Nerd; Omaha Bound; Geek Genie; And since its been forever since I’ve posted an episode many, many more thanks to so many podcasters and creators. We all love to support one another!

So That will end this show, however, before next time I’m throwing out another promotion and event! I’m giving away Issues #4 and #5 of the Miniseries of Gen 13 before next episode. So the questions for that contest are What series does the Character Pitt show up in from time to time and what team does John Lynch come from? (hint it is another Wildstorm book). So if you can answer those questions for me and email them, you have an ultimate chance to win those books! I’ll send them to you! All you have to do is provide your email and address so I can send to the right person.  And you can even guest star on my show! So I hope you all are listening, and so until next time keep Gen-Active!!!

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December 21st, 2017    

Episode 3: Issue #2 Miniseries


Today I've got Joe Crawford on with me as we talk about Gen13 #2 Miniseries. I hope you enjoy the episode!

Gen 13 Files

Gen 13 #2 Miniseries

Story by Brandon Choi

Pencils by J. Scott Campbell

Inks by Alex Garner

Dialogue by Jeff Mariotte

Colors by Joe Chiodo

Letters by Ken Lopez

This is a fan podcast, I’m not associated with Jim Lee, J. Scott Campbell or the development of Gen 13. I just share the love for the series.

Today I’ve got special guest Joe Crawford with me as we discuss this issue. He was the winner of my brief contest for winning issue #2 of the Miniseries. So Joe, it’s good to have you on the show with me.

Allow for comments

So Now I’ll get into this chapter. We find our crew now six people running in the Nevada Desert. (Running Sound)

We have Caitlin, Grunge, Roxy, Sarah Rainmaker, Bobby Lane, and newly found Gen Active person Tom Hallinan. Hmm… This night is about to get hotter as the I.O. Shuttles do their search for the group.  Caitlin, still the leader keeps telling everyone to move. She stops short with finding the I.O. Soldiers in front of them now.

Tom takes a stand, “What are we rabbits?” His eyes flash and looks up to the shuttles. Its time to take a stand!” The results of Tom’s power cause all the soldiers in the lead craft to get horrible headaches.  The craft sails out of the air and falls to the ground. One of the soldiers is so affected by Tom, His head explodes inside his helmet.

Tom feels no remorse and said it was better this way. Caitlin responds “You killed them!” Tom tried to take the lead and says “What good is having super powers if you don’t use them?” Bobby then lights up the sky as he flies into the air, leaving a trail of fire behind him. (Fire sound). The soldiers try taking Bobby out (gunfire sounds).

One of the soldiers use a plasma gun to try to put out Bobby’s fire power. His heat shield blocks all the bullets and plasma. Bobby smiles and says “Hard to believe kids back in school called me Burnout.”

Bobby shoots fire from his eyes and explodes one of the gunships. Caitlin then takes a giant bolder and hurtles it at one of the gunships destroying it in a ball of flame. (sound effect). “Where’s the fourth ship?” They land and want to take the group alive.

As Caitlin, Tom, and Bobby have used their powers, Grunge, Sarah, and Roxy still have yet to activate their powers.  As they try hiding, the soldiers find the trio and release a device called a Tangler, which as you might guess tangles up each person it captures with special wires that cause extreme pain. One of these capture Roxy and as Grunge tries to break her free, Sarah activates her power by controlling the weather pushing wind and sand onto the I.O. Soldiers, (sound effect). Grunge ask her about if her powers were activated. She smirked, “Just a little something I picked up back home on the reservation.” One of the soldiers suddenly hold a gun to Sarah’s neck. The soldier, she says, “Don’t even think about trying that on me.” The soldier says she’s supposed to bring them in alive, but she feels like killing Sarah.

Before being able to pull the trigger, her arm goes up into the air, causing the gun to go off (sound effect).  Then just as suddenly, the woman is thrown into the air and thrown several feet away, landing with a whump!  Sarah talks to Grunge and Roxy, then Roxy is excited she finally got powers. With only one soldier left, Tom decides they need a prisoner. Caitlin feels differently, hesitating about wanting to save the “keepers”. She makes a point that they are people too. Again Tom feels no remorse over it and tells everyone to move out.

As they walk through the night, Grunge complains its cold and they should start a fire. Roxy reminds him that it would give away where they are.  Tom thinks Caitlin is to blame for their current situation.

We receive our flashback from Caitlin explaining to the reader what happened last issue.  In the flashback, we get further details about after Caitlin’s Gen Active moment. Grunge gave Caitlin his shirt and they run through service tunnels coming to an open hole in the facility, leading them to a cliff. Before being able to head away from the cliff, the trio are blocked by Ivana and her I.O. Troops. (gasp sound). They think it’s over, suddenly from above the soldiers, a hole in the ceiling forms with extreme heat. (burning metal sound)

Tom, Bobby, and Sarah come through and rescue the trio. When Caitlin had looked back Ivana actually was smiling and it seemed she was actually glad they escaped. Tom had pulled out a specific uniform for Caitlin, it was very odd.

Tom snapped Caitlin out of her recall and reminded her who saved her, Grunge and Roxy. He doesn’t much care for what she thinks, he goes into a long explanation on what the Genesis Scam was.  Tom explains “We’re all Gen13, our parents were Gen12. And there were 11 groups before them. Government testing drugs giving them supposed superhuman powers.  It worked, but there was a price, most went insane, killed themselves and the government kept it up. Most of the survivors went into hiding, especially after they figured out the government wanted the kids. The Govt. has long arms and put the kids in training programs. Tom said they were experiments.

Caitlin spoke up that she never saw him in the training group.  Tom makes the excuse that he was a “Keeper” and it was pure coincidence. When he realized what I.O. was up to feeding the groups tainted food to see what they would manifest, he knew they had to bust out.

Caitlin makes the statement they should go to the authorities, Tom interjects that the team is too crucial to the soldiers, they won’t let them get away.

Tom says “We’re through running, we have to stand up to these people, or scum like these, pointing to the soldier, will hunt us the rest of our lives.

He starts sparking again with the electrical current, he explodes the soldier’s head (head explosion sound) with blood dripping down his face...If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

The team looks to Caitlin for advice, Caitlin can’t go along with what Tom wants to do, and he enjoys killing too much. Tom threatens Caitlin that if he sees her again, she won’t live to regret joining him.

Grunge has his doubts about Tom. Grunge confronts Roxy secretly and tells her he’s not sure about Tom, she tries to reassure him, but he says he has got a bad feeling about him. The four still follow Tom back to the facility.

Meanwhile back at the Genesis Compound Ivana and Bliss are enjoying a glass of wine (glasses sound) Ivana wonders what is taking Bliss’s brother so long. Bliss explains that he wants to see what conditions the teens can take to activate. She tells Ivana not to worry and that Threshold will deliver. Ivana isn’t sure, but Bliss is assured, she has a telepathic connection with him and she knows they’re back. Ivana makes the point, it seems they are short one member. However she commends Bliss for a job well done and gives the order.

When Tom and the team go back, the main hallways are empty as they run. Roxy ask where the guards are. Grunge says it’s too weird. (Running on metal grating)

You’re smarter than I gave you credit for, but then I didn’t give you much credit. Threshold reveals himself, he says there is no Hallinan!

The group are stunned, then with a flick of a switch, Threshold isolates the group and triggers, the electrified floor. (electricity sound)

Bliss joins Threshold and commends him, she ask about Caitlin and he says, He left her and she is strong but week emotionally, she won’t be a problem. Before Roxy passes out, she says, why they didn’t listen to you Fairchild.

Next morning…

Caitlin wakes up from a long sleep. (sigh sound)

She recounts what has happened and even thinks about what she’ll do now.  Suddenly she gets a psychic message (argh sound). Roxy is in trouble and in pain…Why Caitlin can feel Roxy will be explained later.

Caitlin realizes Tom was a trap and that he is actually someone else.

Caitlin picks up a huge gun (Gun Chink sound)

My friends, obviously need help and I’m just the lady to give it to them. Hang on tight Gang! I’m on my way!

End Chapter.

Favorite pages – page with Tom attacking soldiers in their plane. Really shows the intense action much like a movie.

One other page stands out with Caitlin’s flashback and gives us a great action shot of what we missed but I love the brown tones showing that it is a flashback.

Favorite panels…

Page 4 Bobby lighting up the whole night sky with his fire.

Page 12 Side profile of Caitlin as we are looking back into her memories

Communication sound

Here are some shout outs for the show

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Art by JCR

Joe Crawford

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Richard Field

Philly Spider

Joe Crawford, thanks so much for being on the show. Thanks for winning the contest. There are more contest coming in the future.

Thanks everyone and Keep Gen Active!


October 25th, 2017    

Episode 2: Gen 13 Issue 1 Miniseries


Gen 13 Number 1

Today I'll be discussing this issue of Gen 13 the miniseries. I'll also share thoughts from Twitter and a few promos from friends. 

Hope you enjoy. Here are my show notes as well...

Hello, Welcome to The Gen 13 Files. Today I’ll be taking you into the First Mini-Series of Gen 13 that kicked off the successful series. I’ll be talking about Gen 13 #1 with art by Jim Lee and J. Scott Campbell. I’ll also talk about the discussions I’ve had with others on Twitter and I’ll share what I’m reading. All today on The Gen 13 Files

Play Gen 13 Intro Music

So today I’ll be getting into Issue #1 of Gen 13 the Miniseries. For those on Video, Here is the cover.

First I’ll discuss the Prelude and then get into the Meat of the issue.

The Co-Creators – Brandon Choi and Jim Lee

Pencils and Art – J. Scott Campbell

Inks – Alex Garner

Colors – Joe Chiodo / Wendy Fouts

Letters – Chris Eliopoulos / Ken Lopez and Richard Starkings

This, of course, is a fan podcast, I’m not associated with Jim Lee or J. Scott Campbell and the views expressed on this show are simply mine and it’s for the love of the series of Gen 13 that I do this.

Today Covering Issue #1 of Gen 13 the Miniseries.


Our story begins in 1979

Its pouring rain and storms rage, Stephen and Rachel Callahan race through the night, leaving their car behind. They run with the two children Nicole and Matthew to the tree line.  Suddenly a light beams down on Rachel, she assures Matt not to cry. The I.O. Soldiers tell them “This is your last warning!” In their full body armor, they shine their fierce light on the couple, focusing on Rachel. They get the okay to shoot and take them out from their hovering craft.

Shooting Sound

Stephen watches in horror as Rachel has bullets ripped through her body as she tries to hang onto Nicole. As soon as that happens Stephen’s eyes light up with pinkish rage – He’s part of Gen 12 a group of humans subjected to experiments creating the superhuman. He blows up the soldiers next to him.

Explosion sound

His head aches tremendously as he had exposed so much power. He’s weak at the knees and tells Matt to take his sister away. He says “Just do what I say, Matt, Protect your sister!”

One of the soldiers tells Captain Colby that fire teams are ready to lay down saturation pattern on his orders – Captain Colby says No, He’ll take Callahan down himself. Stephen tells his son and daughter to run, before saying goodbye, Stephen Callahan gets shot in the head, splattering blood onto Matt. Matt’s last words are “Don’t Leave Us!”


Now 1994 Princeton University New Jersey College

Crowd Sounds

Caitlin Fairchild makes her way across campus, she is in her Sophmore year contemplating her future. She’s super intelligent with a 4.0 Grade Point average hoping to graduate with her advanced degree in computer science. She wants an internship. When she arrives at her dorm room, her roommate, Alexandra Gardner, born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she has study sessions with yet another boyfriend. She tells Caitlin there were guys looking for her earlier. Caitlin gets nervous, she’s terrible at talking to boys. Alexandra assures her, they were middleaged from NEC or NSA about an internship program.

Alexandra always wants the apartment so she asks Caitlin to leave for the evening. Later that day Caitlin gets a knock at the door –

Knocking sounds

“Who is it?” Caitlin asks. A special Agent Barker with the NSC or National Security Committee holds his credentials up and wants Caitlin to accept the Gen 13 Program. They want to process her now and come with them. Caitlin is skeptical – What about my school and my family?

Agent Barker tells her to leave it to him, that they would take care of everything.  So Caitlin agrees.

Meanwhile – Washington DC

I.O. Sci-Tech Bureau Office.

In the upper penthouse, Ivana, the director of Sci-Tech ask Jack (or John Lynch) what he’s doing at the facility. He’s a former member of Sci-Tech but represents I.O. He’s upset she’s been using his Black Razors and ask why?

Ivana, as she smokes a cigarette, says it's about security & her personnel. John isn’t convinced. He says the last time Sci-Tech used the Razors, it was for Project Genesis (Not to be confused with Star Trek mind you) What’s Craven up to?

Ivana sighs and informs him that the new project of Craven is The Gen 13 Project, with or without John’s help.  John barks back at her, It's too risky and to remember what happened with Gen 12 and Team 7.

Ivana smiles and says its why John has been kept in the dark, Craven is determined to have a Super-Powered Team.  John ask when it will be operational? Ivana responds that it’s been operational since two months ago. She places a hand on the latest candidates – Caitlin Fairchild among them.

Page Turn sound

Ivana says that it’s a Nation Wide Gen Factor search and the focus is the progeny of Gen 12. John again is against this idea thinking it reckless, since John has the interest of I.O. he’s concerned. Ivana looks at her viewscreens monitoring various subjects on the project.

It won’t happen this time, John, There are no security leaks.

John wonders if she is so sure? Ivana already has Gen 13 Factor active trainees. The one is Threshold. His power levels are greater than many of the other subjects. John wants to meet him.

Fight Sounds – Intense

Threshold spars violently with some of the trainees in the gym, one seems determined to bring Threshold to his knees by slamming a metal rod down on his shoulder.

Grunt sound

Then the men all laugh at Threshold as he recovers from the blow. He gets so angry – he says no one laughs at me, he then activates his Gen Power and explodes the head of the trainee that beat him down.

Exploding Head Sound

Threshold smirks and doesn’t let go too often and loves the feeling of power, he then inhales a bluish vapor as medicine.

Clapping Sound

Bliss – Threshold’s sister, openly sits on one of the weight equipment pieces and is proud of her brother, she almost wants to fight against him mentally. She is brash and deliberately wears sexy outfits to get others attention. Bliss is otherwise known as Nicole, Threshold breaks her out of her thoughts. We’ve got new test subjects to process tomorrow. Keep your focus on the job.

Bliss retorts that all work and no play really does make Matt a dull boy.

Car pulling up sound

Agent Barker escorts Caitlin to the building which sits in a Mountain and Caitlin reacts that it's in the Middle of Nowhere. Barker says they like their privacy and without her knowing, she has already been scanned and verified as Fairchild, Caitlin.

We next see John Lynch meeting with Threshold. They talk about John’s program with Gen 12 and Team 7 and then ask why he needed to meet. John wants Threshold to find his son who was taken away 20 years ago by Renegades. As Director of I.O. Operations he wants to be updated on the Gen 13 Project.

Threshold only reports to Ivana and he leaves. Lynch looks on scouling, “This isn’t over yet, not by a long shot.”

Later that night

Walking sounds

Caitlin is in her green fatigues that they fit her with, she’s walking with her instructor Helga Kleinman. The hallway is militaristic with futuristic doors with numbers. Caitlin asks when they interviewed her, this wasn’t what she expected, it's more ROTC, not a summer internship. Helga reassures her that she should feel honored for being talented and specialized, as well as receiving a substantial stipend for her college. Caitlin sighs and despite Helga’s reassurances, Caitlin feels like something is amiss, but she finally drifts off to sleep at 12 am.

Alarm Clock sound

“GOOD MORNING, MS. FAIRCHILD. THE TIME IS NOW 7 AM – CLASSES WILL BEGIN IN ONE HOUR.” After a quick shower, changing into a new uniform, Caitlin comes out of her room.

Instantly there is a guy in a hospital gown running from security and the doctors, He doesn’t want any needles in him. “Outa my way people, coming through!” He yells.

Before Caitlin can react, he slams into her.

Wack sound

Caitlin is on the floor with Grunge Chang on top of her. She sputters and asks he get off her.

Another girl and guy are standing close to Helga. The girl is smoking a cigarette, her name is Roxy Spaulding and the Guy is Robert Lane, who doesn’t smile much. Roxy says not to mind Grunge, Helga then sees she has a cigarette, Have we forgotten about the rules on smoking? Roxy just says she’s holding it for someone. This shows the neat humor in the comic. The group is now four and Helga screams that their training begins.

Montage Scene, Days pass, and the group are put through several physical and mental test. The four members Caitlin, Roxy, Grunge and Bobby work together while other groups fall out of the program.

The group is under the watchful eye of the Control Center. Bliss sits seductively in a tight miniskirt while being massaged by a guy. She feels the kids are progressing well, especially Roxy and Bobby. A little work and they’ll be Gen active. She is trying to get her brother to agree. Ivana is in the room as well. Threshold surprises Ivana by agreeing with Bliss on the subject. Though Ivana is concerned that Fairchild and Grunge are not testing well. She has Threshold up the dosage of the Activator drug into Caitlin’s and Grunges food, if they don’t manifest within another day, Dispose of them.

LEVEL 4 CUBE 16 – Caitlin’s Quarters

Caitlin wakes up at 3:30 AM with a splitting headache that just keeps getting worse. She thinks about the cause, that it began with the sessions in the Incubation Tube, then she feels sick. She then gets up and wanders down the hallway looking for an infirmary. Caitlin feels like the facility is a labyrinth. She has to push open the doors since the automatics aren’t working. As she grasps the edge of the door, her hand leaves grip marks in the metal.

Grip metal sound

She finds a room that isn’t the infirmary and sees The New Futuris Super Computer. She investigates with seeing the system still on. The words on the screen are Gen Project: Fairchild, Alex. Caitlin is instantly surprised. That is her Father’s name!

Suddenly from above her Grunge pops his head down, “Whatcha doing?”

Caitlin is startled and accidentally pushes a silent alarm button. Grunge apologizes as he hangs from an upper hole in the computer system. Caitlin asks him, “What he’s doing there?”

Roxy pops her head out now and lets Kat know that they just wanted some privacy in this room. It’s the only one without cameras. Roxy says there are surveillance cameras all over the facility. Caitlin is nieve in this way, she never thought of that. They’ve been watching them.

Suddenly a Black Razor Guard in his full armor says “Freeze!”

He pushes Caitlin against a wall.

Slamming against wall sound

He informs Central that he has three unauthorized intruders. He pushes her again and she makes a dent in the metal wall. He holds a gun on her – What are you doing here? Why are you accessing the computer system?

Grunge gets the guard’s attention, “Hey Back off Security Dude, This ain’t no Seven Eleven. The Guard then hits him.

Roxy comes to Grunges defense. The guard doesn’t even care, he wants answers. Caitlin comes back at him and says, “If you’d just listen for a second,” He tells her not to move and hits her hard to the floor. Caitlin, with Blood coming from her lips, pushes up from the floor, Her whole body, back, and senses feel like it's on fire. The guard then says, “Play it smart girl, stay down.” He’s ready to fight more.

Caitlin’s resolve is strong, electrical pulses flow through her body.

Electrical sound

She angrily stares at him. “You shouldn’t have hit me, That was a Big mistake, Buster and the last one you’re going to make!” Caitlin swings and hits him, collapsing him to the floor.

Krarack sound

Suddenly Caitlin holds her head again, the pain, it keeps getting worse! Her clothes rip and tear, Roxy ask if she’s okay, and Grunge looks on in a goofy awe like expression, She looks pretty good to me.

The once Petite Caitlin now stands over Six feet tall and her body has grown exponentially in all areas. What is going on? What is happening to me? She asks as her clothing is still ripping away from her body.

I think she needs to find some new clothes. This is the end of the first issue. Called Chapter 1 of the Miniseries.

Close Door Sound

I’ve got a few pages from this issue that I really like, On page four and five, it’s a full affect shot of what’s happening to Rachel Callahan, getting shot while her husband looks on in horror than the extreme action that takes place. Those of you on video can see this picture but the art of the rain really increases the intensity.

Another page that stands out to me is our introduction to Caitlin on page 8. It shows her across the campus and how much of a book nerd she is with her very large 90’s glasses and yet she is very confident on the page.

One last page I’d like to share is page 19 with the Training Montage scene, it shows the rigorous training and some of the goofiness of Grunge as a character.

Now for Favorite Panels

Fighting Woman sound effect

I go back to page four and five for my first favorite panel. I know it’s kind of gruesome, but it shows this intense action scene of the 90’s and also the emotion that is invested in the scene.

Another great panel is found on the bottom of page 12 with Threshold getting angry – the colors and the almost robotic change in his eye show how he’ll seek his revenge for the hit on him. I love J. Scott Campbell’s pencils on this scene. Very effective!

The last panel I’d like to share is on page 25 at the bottom four panels. Caitlin is hurt with blood running down but it shows the same type of change in her that happened in Threshold, the colors give her a blue hue to her body and we can practically see the electrical energy changing her body chemistry.

One honorable mention is found on Page 26 with the full panel of her distorted look of how she is growing and how her clothes are ripping away from her. This is J. Scott Campbell in his early years. J. Scott Campbell has certainly gotten better in taking in the female form.

Can’t wait to share more of the story.

Communication sound

I’d like to thank all who’ve liked my page and followed my twitter so far even commenting on my first episode of The Gen 13 Files. If I miss a name or forget it, please email me at

Chris Sheehan said “Big Gen13 Fan, looking forward to the show!

Professor Frenzy of Batbooks for Beginners; RaD Adventures; Robert Jackson; Xenozoic Xenophiles; Pencil andInkReviews; Temple of Geek; Rawspace; I’m the Gun; RaD Adventures said “This brought back many memories of reading back in the 90’s. Nice Job Randy. Thank you for the kind words and wishing you the best. Thanks, Darrin and Ruth! Pheltz Comics London, Trekker Talk, Chris @BTO or Batbooks for Beginners; Really liked Xenozoic Xenophiles link for This Day in Comics with the first appearance of Caitlin Fairchild back on Oct. 11th, 1993 for Deathmate Black.

Green Lantern HG; This Day in Comics; Huckleberry Comics; CoffeeandComics; Panel on Panels; Matthew Sardo; WCPEver – Worst Comic Podcast Ever, these guys are great! And of course, DSandRS which is Darrin and Ruth Sutherland.

I’ve got one more section before signing off today. What am I currently Reading

Several page turn sound effect

So currently the individual comics I’m reading are Ghost Money by Thierry Smolderen and Dominique Bertail.  Brief synopsis – A woman befriends a younger lady and they fly around the world – money being no object and the CIA believe her escapades are being funded by Iranian Treasury Money that was lost during the Gulf War.

I’m also reading Elsewhere by Jay Faerber who also writes Copperhead and the art is by Sumeyye Kesgin

Basically, its Amelia Earheart and she goes through a portal over the Bermuda Triangle and finds herself in a fantasy world with strange characters who know how to speak English. It’s a fun ride!

Also for Trades, I’m reading Mythic by Phil Hester and Art by John McCrea. Think X-Files only with Magic

Well, that’s all this time.

Cheering sound

You can find me on Twitter @thegen13files, and check out my facebook page called The Gen 13 Files, Also you can email me at

 I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of The Gen 13 Files. The music used is from Royalty Free Music at and other various sources.

My podcast is a fan podcast and I’m not associated with Jim Lee or J. Scott Campbell and the views expressed are purely mine. So until next time. Read all you can!

September 27th, 2017    

Episode 1: DeathMate Black - The First Appearance of Gen 13


deathmate black

Today is the first Podcast episode for The Gen 13 Files. I'm discussing the comic DeathMate Black from the early 90's. This gives us a fresh look at the series of Gen 13. With this first episode I'll discuss the art, the story, sharing some promos from some other shows and highlighting people who communicate with me. I hope you enjoy it. 

Here is the script that I have, I hope you find it fun and enjoyable...

This is The Gen 13 Files

It’s a fan podcast about the group of super-human teens named Gen 13. This is not my comic book but was created by Jim Lee and J. Scott Campbell originally.

I’ll take you on the journey of their beginnings and through the various series that have existed.  I’ll talk about the transfer from Image/Wildstorm/and DC. I hope you enjoy this first episode about the first appearance of the group known as Gen 13.

Play intro throughout these few sentences.

Today on The Gen 13 Files I’ll be going into Deathmate Black, which is a part of the Deathmate series. It is comprised of The Prologue, Red, Yellow, Green, Black, and Epilogue.

The story is by Brandon Choi and Eric Silvestri

The art is done by a variety of people. Specifically pencils and inks. Brandon Peterson, Scott Williams, Brett Booth, Sal Regla, Marc Silvestri, Jeffrey Scott, Alex Garner, Scott Clark, Trevor Scott, Greg Capullo, Jim Lee and Whilce Portacio.

Colors by Joe Chiodo, Wendy Fouts, and Paige Apfelbaum.  Letters by Mike Heisler.

You can find this issue in most comic book stores if you want to follow along with my review of the issue.

We start our story with narration by Caitlin Fairchild. This is an alternate future where The Valiant Universe and the Image Universe exist together. There is a much larger story going on, but that is another story.  Caitlin tells about being raised in St. Louis, which is the capital of the Midwest Territories.

Typical problems of disease, drugs, poverty, and crime.  The misery exists elsewhere with those in SkyCity. It’s a giant structure that exists above the main city. It’s a technological terror known as a Monumental Triumph.  In the heart of this city lies Gateway, The Council’s central base of operations with their W.I.L.D.C.O.R.P. operatives and the power suppressive systems that they rule the city with an iron fist. 

  Everyone knows they are the puppet masters for the Troika…Mother May I, Aric – XO Manowar, and Superstar. Mother May I is the brains, while the XO’s are brawn. Superstar controls the W.I.L.D.C.O.R.P. through Skycore and uses them to control more. There are more involved though, some are slaves to this society such as Lord Emp, Killjoy, Battalion, Misery, and Providence.  These have become addicted to the cosmic juice of the entity known as Union. 

All this Caitlin tells us before making a raid against the Troika. The rebellion Gen 13 is trying to overthrow the Troika and the SkyCity from the oppression of the Super Human. Men walk the streets as they hear the propaganda of the WILDCORP.  Caitlin takes charge to start the offensive against the Troika, Mother May I is the ultimate target. Mother May I is a Para-Human telepath who runs everything. With her, out of the way, everything will fall like dominos. You hear the machines in the background as Mother May I sits with her soldiers. Her security informs her of the facts that Gen 13 have attacked the Weapons Depot.

  With all of this, she informs them that there is a mole in place working against the Rebellion.  Hotshot, another super human, that uses telekinesis with kinetic energy.  Hotshot tells Mother May I that the Power Suppression Field has been damaged.

Explosion sound (Play)

Caitlin activates an explosion as well as her team attacks the soldiers of Troika. Caitlin’s team: Burnout, who can burst into flames; Grunge, who fights with ferocity and can change his body structure to any hard surface so he can fight with that item;  Freefall who uses gravity as her weapon; and Rainmaker uses the power of the weather. They all battle against these foot soldiers of the Troika. Freefall makes a funny remark “It’s such a rush having our powers back. Just hope the suppressors don’t come back on line before we are done”.

Mother May I notes that the Rebels are attacking and have no suppression of their powers at hand.  Two others come out of the shadows: Ripclaw and Turok! They come and attack the Gen 13 Rebels, while Mother May I uses her psi-blast against Grunge. Ripclaw is then attacked by Caitlin. She asks them “Have you also become slaves to the Troika?”  Ripclaw, who is a cyber enhanced being with razor claws as hands that can extend longer. He also possesses psychic abilities, he has Caitlin against a wall then senses she isn’t the enemy but an ally.

Mind sense sound

Caitlin is able to get away even though her comrades are captured. Hotshot killed Burnout with her psi-blast.  Even though Freefall, Grunge, and Rainmaker are captured, Ripclaw identifies them as worthy opponents. Turok feels they are still enemies. Hotshot kills Grunge with a swipe from her psi-blade, then with all the confusion Ripclaw is outraged at this point, He wants to fight against Turok, but Turok holds a blade against his neck.

Blade sound

Hotshot kills Freefall with a Psi-Blast and feels that Ripclaw is betraying the Troika. As Ripclaw is being held by Turok, he shoves his elbow into Turok. “If this is what the Council has come to represent, then I can no longer serve such a master! I shall dedicate my life to its destruction!” Both Hotshot and Turok begin fighting against Ripclaw

Fighting sounds

Turok and Ripclaw fight against one another, blades against blades. Ripclaw fights against Turok with blood and sweat.  These two are brothers fight and Turok makes the statement “I shall grant you a warrior’s death, my brother, may the great spirit take you quickly to the final resting grounds”. He fires a rocket arrow at Ripclaw as he reaches the height of the hill. This is of great distress to Turok who feels he is losing a brother. Suddenly the hill explodes and all that is left is Ripclaw’s arm and a giant hole.

All that is said to Turok is “The Council shall reward you most handsomely.”

Hotshot and Turok leave the scene returning to the SkyCity where Mother May I waits.

This last section is key and very important to this part of the story…

Ripclaw isn’t dead, he only had his arm severed from his body. He falls into the underbelly of the city of St. Louis and lands in an alleyway, an old woman pushing a cart seem him fall. She knows he is escaping the jaws of death if she doesn’t intervene, he is a dead man. She takes him to a part of Downtown, to everyone she is only known as The Medicine Woman. Ripclaw awakens and sees her as she truly is. He says, “I have been given a power, not unlike your own.  At times I look through the spirit and see a danger that threatens our very existence. Look to my spirit, you will see I speak truth”. Ripclaw lets her peer into his mind. He grasps her and kisses her gently removing the cloak of time and reveals her true self.

Warping change sound

The Timeless spirit of Voodoo, she is a beautiful woman with long blue black hair who has the powers of a telepath. Also, her tattoos reveal her native American origin…

The next scene takes us to our last segment of this part of the issue. We have the Corporate Headquarters of Stone Industries.  SkyCity communicates with Mr. Stone, specifically Aric XO Manowar is asking the questions why the Gen 13 Rebels are able to gain access to the sophisticated technology. He also talks about how the security of the Council is very important. When he switches off, Gunslinger tells Mr. Stone to be careful, but Mr. Stone is nice and calm until a messenger that lets them know visitors from WILDCORP are there.

Suddenly Mr. Stone grows to an enormous size, becoming Maul, a giant who can change size at will.  Enter Voodoo and Ripclaw. Voodoo speaks for Ripclaw and it’s a warm reunion between Maul and Voodoo. Ripclaw sits down and Maul goes to his lab to figure out that there is something wrong with the world, finalizing Ripclaw’s decision in escaping the true WILDCORP.

For this part, we end our scene with Gunslinger, Maul, Ripclaw and Voodoo coming to the decision to join the Gen 13 Rebels as they fight to get in touch with Union. Union is being held by the Troika and is being drained of energy forcibly by addicting Lord Emp and the others to his power.

Voodoo ends the scene by saying, “I feel as though we’ve been given a second chance, to be heroes again, to change the world and reclaim our future…”

The next scene shows us how the once powerful council is hooked up to wires and computers, draining the life energy of this group, including Lord Emp as well as the great powerful Union. The Sky City prevents these from escaping. Only Union is aware that the Dimensional Rift continues to grow and it must be stopped.

Mother May I is significantly upset and tired of distractions with the wars against the Gen 13 Rebels. She tells Superstar to power up security.

Suddenly an alarm sounds

Alarm sound

There is increased activity from Lord Emp – Aric XO Manowar says. Union feeds Lord Emp power. Lord Emp sees the Future of the universe, oblivion is only a heartbeat away. XO Triggers a purge that rips the power away from Union and Lord Emp. Superstar says that Union is overriding the system.

XO’s hand glows with power, He says he’s tired of living under the shadow of the council and he rams his fist into the power and cuts off the source to the council.  Mother May I objects vehemently saying “You fool! What’ve you done? Without that power the entire SkyCity will collapse!”

The type of character that XO is shows that he smiles and that the councils readings stabilized.  No need to jeopordize the plans. The Mole is still in place.

As Troika feels their victory is in sight against the Gen 13 Rebels, there is a secret meeting in a warehouse  in Downtown.

The Rebels are forming a tunnel to get to the city center and SkyCity above. Maul discusses how Voodoo didn’t have the stomach for the political games and so Maul planted himself inside so that the Rebels could get in at one point, he opens the door to the tunnel and who stands there, but brave and confident Caitlin Fairchild. She suddenly recognizes Ripclaw warning of his presence thinking he followed them. She attacks him, ramming him into the floor. All of the group tell her to stand down, that he is one of them now.  They fill Caitlin in on everything happening, especially the End of the Universe.  I love how Maul says “We lose this battle, we’ve lost for all time”.

The Rebels need security clearance, only Caitlin knows where they can go. It’s in a church, the one they seek is at the base of the Gateway.

The next scene is a bottom panel showing our heroes approaching a lone chapel at the very base of the SkyCity. Ripclaw says he will see it to the end and even calls Maul his brother, there is no one else now.

Church bell sound.

We enter a darkend room , with candlelights  and a lone nun standing before a lit cross. She feels she has failed. Once she was a feared Member of Troika, she faked her death and now has become the leader of the Gen 13 Rebellion, out of the darkness her face is revealed, she is Ballistic, she sees a vision of Union before her, perhaps there are answers she still seeks. Enter our heroes. Ripclaw makes a speech that The Great Spirit has chosen them to embark on a perilous journey against powerful foes, life hangs in the balance but he wants her to join them. Now is the time for Miracles.

Clearly the leader, Ballistic outlines her plan to show that the Power Grid is what they need to take out, from there Union can then help further. There are soldiers, enforcers of the WILDCORP and Troika guarding everything. Maul constructed a jammer to neutralize the suppressors, he hopes its enough. Lastly they need to get through Gateway’s early warning and perimeter defense system, Caitlin volunteers.

Ballistic says one last thing, Caitlin will not be going up to SkyCity, the whole Gateway will come crashing down, none will walk away. She says that enough lives have been lost. It will be up to Caitlin to reistabliish order and bear the burden of leadership.

With Ballistic and Maul discussing how they are so outnumbered, Maul mentions one who did fight bravely with Lord Emp, his name Warblade, with all of them discussing the matter, Warblade appears. Some have thought he died. His death was greatly exagerated, everyone announces WarBlade! And the journey has begun to its bitter end.

Cheering sound.

The next scene finds Voodoo, Maul, WarBlade and Ripclaw entering the control center through the access tunnels, they climb the long ladder upward. The SHOC soldiers await, Both WarBlade and Ripclaw attack with great verocity. Warblade and Voodoo announce they are in. Ripclaw feels however that the battle is too easy, things too quiet.

As they go up the Elevator even higher, the doors to the control center open and one shot from a special arrow take out Maul. GunSlinger activates the jamming device against the suppressors. Voodoo attacks Turok, flinging herself into the air, all he arms himself with is one knife. As the battle starts amping up, Ripclaw makes a thought known in his head that fighting for the Rebels feels right somehow, that he has been doing it all his life. Both Voodoo and Ripclaw are two that have faced Turok before, he feels that maybe Ripclaw has been right all along, but he must fight to the end.

Voodoo knows her death will mean something when the fighting ends.Ballistic steps in and takes out Turok preventing Voodoo from being killed. Her guns blast through Turok as if he was tissue paper. Ballistic makes it clear she isn’t there to fight Voodoo’s battles, however they don’t have time to waste and if she actually used her full ability to attack. The group continues on. Voodoo, Ripclaw and WarBlade attack the SHOC soldiers with a vengence. Ripclaw attacks the soldiers full force, WarBlade is kind of taken aback by it and Ripclaw wants him to attack, but something is still amiss with WarBlade and he feels there are too many there.

Giant Roar sound

Maul breaks through the line of soldiers “Hope you don’t mind if I crash your little party boys!” Maul tells Ripclaw and WarBlade that he was just stunned by the arrow and now is Bigger and Better. He holds onto all the soldiers he can and plunges them over the side from the SkyCity, plunging down onto the city below. RipClaw clearly wants to continue so Maul’s death is not in vain.

Ballistic, GunSlinger and Voodoo continue and see that the Council’s Sanctum is just ahead, the Troika come through and attack thoroughly. Aric XO Manowar attacks Ballistic and didn’t realize she was leading the Rebellion with Gen 13.  Ballistic attacks him then full force, knowing his suit as a specific weakness. XO gives it his all as he blast against Ballistic, taking out her cyber eye, her systems then begin shutting down and before she is left to die, she tells Voodoo how to defeat him. Voodoo then uses her sight after realizing that XO’s suit is a separate entity, it forces him out and now he is completely vulnerable. Ballistic, Superstar and XO all blast against each other killing them in a frenzy of explosive power.

Back in the control center, the explosion causes a feedback loop to rip through SkyCore’s power grid. With all the smoke and debris, WarBlade ask where everyone is, Ripclaw explains they are all gone. Its up to them to finish the fight.  Voodoo calls out, that Ballistic and Gunslinger gave their lives to take out the power grid. Mother May I is still alive, WarBlade claims they should leave, they have done all they could. Ripclaw disagrees and they must fight to the bitter end.

Mother May I screams Impossible! She has to finish it herself, she goes to take control of the power of Union and the council alone, once she has disposed of the Rebels she would lead as Queen! She will fight with all her might. As Ripclaw breaks through the wall…

Explosion sound

Entering the command center Mother May I attacks Ripclaw with all her force.  What Ripclaw then realizes is that WarBlade is working with Mother May I the whole time… He is the Mole. WarBlade shoves his blade into Ripclaw, Mother May I urging him on with the thought “There is so much more pleasure if you prolong the pain”.  Ripclaw then calls out to Forgive him great spirit, he failed and lost. But all is not lost, Union answers him “Hear Me, Brave Warrior, Your sacrifice has not been in vain, for there is still another. Release your pain and suffering. Your place is among your ancestors now.”

Mother May I feels that the fight is over. She feels she has kept her mind lock over WarBlade, It failed and Warblade fights back, “ I am ending your reign of terror!” Voodoo mentally attacks Mother May I with all her strength and shows her that WarBlade is a true hero, losing himself only once.  Mother May I attacks back at Voodoo, killing her with a Psychic blast but with the power transfer conduit and the siphon to the council shut down, the energy feedback grows quickly until…

Explosion sound.

Mother May crawls from the others feeling that she will be victorious, an energy shot fires at her from a distance. You see the eurethral spirit form of Union and with him Lord Emp. WarBlade may have had betrayed ones briefly, but he came through in the end. WarBlade holds Voodoo in his arms “I let you down, everyone is dead because of me!”

Lord Emp offers him comfort, knowing it wasn’t his fault when it was not in his power. Union must go, He had to get justice against this alternate dimension and to stop the universe from collapsing. Lord Emp looks up at the moon and the glowing image of Union as he shoots himself to the stars. What happens now? Lord Emp says “We wait and pray that Union succeeds.” The Gateway power grid is destroyed and the SkyCity anti gravity stabilizers are turned off, soon the city will crumble into the lower city.  Warblade searches for Ripclaw’s body, but it has vanished. “Do you think the future’s been changed Lord Emp? Was it all Worth it?”

Lord Emp responds “It already has started”.

The SkyCity explodes in a furious ball of fire and aftershock.  Caitlin Fairchild looks up at the destroyed city. “Ballistic was right, without the power from the council, the Gateway simply collapses.” She can feel the power being brought into the group, her strength is returning full force. Once Gateway is out of the way, The Children of this Thirteenth Generation will claim what is righfully theirs. The Future.  Union responds to Caitlin mentally “Assuming there is a future waiting for us”.

Caitlin feels it is her responcibility to begin down on the ground, nothing will ever be the same, not even the past. Caitlin stands alone in the rubble and says… “I Could Live with That”.

Thus the issue ends for this second to last part of the Deathmate series. This is our introduction to the characters of Gen 13 and we see Caitlin Fairchild as a true leader. At least in this universe.

Closed door sound

I’ve got a few pages that I’ve found to be really cool.

Looking at page 1: we see the whole city of SkyCity with XO Manowar in the middle of it all. The highlight is the fact that there are so many members of not only the Valiant universe but also the Image/Wildstorm universe.  The expansive city above a lower city. XO Manowar is standing brave and blinded by the idea of what they are doing is wrong.

Another page that stands out in my mind is the splash page on page 6, where Ripclaw is attacking Grunge and Mother May I is in the foreground. It seems a bit much, but the amount of action in that scene really heightens the effect of the battles going on.

One last page that stands out to me is page 13 where we see the arrow that Turok shot at Ripclaw explodes and Ripclaw looks back at him shouting no! It’s an amazing piece of story telling on that one page.

Now for favorite panels

Fighting Woman sound effect.

On page 6 once again, not only is it one of my favorite pages but also one of my favorite panels for the fact that it shows the intense emotion on Grunge’s face when he is attacked viciously by Ripclaw and then psychically by Mother May I. It's an action packed scene.

The next panel I really liked is found on page 10, where Ripclaw is jabbing Turok in the stomach. There is an intense amount of fighting action in that one panel. It shows Turok’s arrows falling out of his quiver and Ripclaw’s expression is full of emotion and grit.

Another panel is on the same page, it shows FreeFall’s face, she’s crying and feeling pain from Hotshot’s blast. I just love how the artist shows the intense emotional connections in this issue.

The next panel I really enjoyed is found on page 16 where we get the true reveal of Voodoo in her true form. It's gorgeous and shows that she isn’t just beautiful, but also a strong female.

The next two panels are simply perfect action. This takes place on page 40 where Mother May I stumbles up from her battle with WarBlade and Voodoo. Union shoots her with this giant beam of energy, its all in bright blue and white light, while Mother May I is simply in shadow. It’s a perfect end to such an evil villian.

The last panel is simply on page 42 which is a splash page, it encompasses the whole page with Caitlin standing strong and tall, behind her is the SkyCity exploding with a dazzling display, then below her is the various Gen 13 group that have gained their powers back and its represented by an orange glow. It’s a wonderful panel, showing us the strength of her character and as we get into the actual series, we will see much more of Caitlin’s power in another universe that isn’t about to collapse. If you haven’t read the Deathmate series, I urge you to read it. The final two issues sum up the story, and even though Caitlin doesn’t feature in those, we know she and her team will come back for the actual series of Gen 13.

Communication sound

I’d like to thank the RaD Adventure Network for their inspiration and giving me the courage to go ahead with this podcast.

I’d also like to thank Bat Books for Beginners for the same type of inspiration. My podcast seems to be a variation on both of those and I hope they can appreciate how I worked on this project.

I’d like to thank Amotz Plessner for the music that I’ve used in the episode as well as using the Royalty Free Music for Movies and Videos which you can find on Amazon. Also, the sound effects are from various other royalty free sources.

Thank you all for listening and as always this is a podcast that appreciates the story and art of Jim Lee, J. Scott Campbell and various other artists. It's with an appreciation for them that I do this podcast.

A couple other sources I’d like to thank are Krypton Comics in Omaha as well as Legend Comics and Coffee for frequent visits to their shops to buy issues of Gen 13.  Also, I’d like to thank Ruth and Darrin Sutherland for their support.

You can email me at As I’ve said this is a fan podcast, I’m not associated with Jim Lee, DC Comics or J. Scott Campbell. So see you next time and happy reading!

Play outro for podcast.

September 4th, 2017    

The Gen 13 Files Beta 1

Gen 13 Concept

This is a Beta Test for my new Gen 13 Files Podcast. More will be coming soon as the months and years go by. I'll be posting reviews of each issue of Gen 13. I'll go into detail on the concepts, the details, the characters, the background information and more. Occasionally I might have a guest on the show, but since it's a monthly podcast, it won't happen too often.  I hope you can enjoy my knowledge of Gen 13 and where this road takes us. If all goes well it can at least make it to 100 episodes or more. Remember there are all those crossovers and side stories that Gen 13 is included in. If you want a taste of what I have in store check out to find out more. It shows my blog on the subject and all the juicy things in store for the podcast. Enjoy and have a pleasant day! 

August 25th, 2017 - superior podcast hosting.

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